Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Arbutus FAQs
Difference between Perpetual and Subscription based licence
What happens if I do not pay Annual Maintenance Fee for Perpetual License?
What if I did not pay AMC for 2 years and I decide to pay in the 3rd year?
Is the software able to create dashboards?
Does the software keep history of my work?
What Programming language is used for scripting in arbutus?
Do users need log in credentials to access the software?
Can the system change anything in my database or file?
What can Arbutus Analyzer be used for?
Which departments / Organisations can use Arbutus?
What advantage do Arbutus have over other analytic program?
Which other products are your competitors?
Can Arbutus Analyzer be connected to any Database system?
What are the names of databases that Arbutus can be connected to?
Can Arbutus Analyzer be used for real time analytics?
What size of data can Arbutus Analyzer import?
What is the system requirement for Analyzer installation?
Can Arbutus Analyzer alter any data in a database when connected to any database?
Can Arbutus Analyzer be used to automate task?
What level of experience is needed for any user to script task using Arbutus Analyzer?
What are the various version for Arbutus Analyzer?
Is there an online community when using Arbutus analytic solution?
Can Arbutus Analyzer integrate to any other data visualization tools?
Is Arbutus a cloud solution?
Do you have a Web version?
Is there a login system or can I just use it?
How secure is Analyzer?
Does Analyzer have visualisations?
Can Analyzer send me alerts or reports via email?
Can Analyzer schedule Arbutus to automatically run and send me results?
Pentana FAQs
Who are the typical users of Pentana Audit?
What is Pentana Audit used for.
Does Pentana support Offline Working?
What are the competitive features of Pentana from other analytical solution?