IS Evolutions Consult Limited being an information technology company aimed at providing high quality, moderately priced IT Audit services, revenue assurance, installation, training and implementation of Arbutus Software solutions, Enterprise software development and IT innovative solutions and training to meet the world’s growing information technology needs. We aim at becoming a globally recognized brand name, through the development of high quality information technology solutions as we maintain an approachable, impartial, conducive, training, tools, empowerment and innovative work environment for our staffs, which respects multiplicity, commitment, invention and hard work.  
If your organization uses ACL, Arbutus is uniquely positioned to not only minimize any transition concerns and risks but, also re-invigorate the use and value you receive from audit analytics. 
Anytime an organization considers alternatives to their incumbent solutions, a number of common concerns are legitimately raised like incremental costs, new training and transition challenges for staff, loss of investment and experience in existing technology, uncertainty about the benefits of switching, and uncertainty about a different vendor. At Arbutus, we understand those concerns, and our solutions are uniquely positioned to respond to your audit analytics needs. Read More

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Want to know about Revenue assurance?
Revenue assurance is about ensuring that ALL transactions for ALL events have been correctly billed without losing revenue to fraud, system malfunction or error. It involves a process or software solution that enables an organization to monitor all income heads to be sure that all revenues or charges are accurately captured by the organization’s system for all services rendered. Instead of correcting errors after they occur, or not detecting and correcting them at all, revenue assurance enables the organizations to examine and plug dozens of actual or potential leakage points throughout the application system.

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Why Revenue Assurance? 
The need for a Revenue Assurance arises out of the many opportunities for revenue to be ‘lost’ either through system failure or through human error. Revenue Leakage can occur due to many reasons, organisations generally have reasonably complex process and technical infrastructure with many points of data generation, input, transformation and output. The advent of digital services and the ever-changing Technology is adding even more complexity to system process. With the complexity and often real-time nature of the environment, things can sometimes go awry in a big way.

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• Acquisition, Sale and Implementation of Arbutus Audit Analytic Software Solution
• Training & Implementation of CAAT
 • Income / Revenue Assurance
 • Data migration, 
 • Disaster recovery, 
 • Cloud consulting,
 • IT security 
 • IT strategy 
 • SQL training
 • Website development training 
 • Mobile application programming 
 • Microsoft office trainings
 • IT Security trainings 
 • Web application development training 
 • Oracle database 11g training

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Organizations have recovered millions of potential revenue leakages after performing Revenue Assurance exercise within their organization. What are you waiting for? Contact us and lets start talking... Data analytics is the core of business growth while revenue assurance is the determinate of an organisations future.. Act now or Never. Contact Us to know more about our Revenue Assurance and Data Analytic Tool. 
Arbutus Software solution helps you build a centralized platform for collaborative team based work, build IT-trusted connections to automate data extraction, data analysis, and create continous monitoring programs to analyze massive data feeds to help your organization uncover revenue leakages. Read more....  

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